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Health is an essential aspect of daily life, not just in America but throughout the world. Good health makes it possible for people to do things they usually take for granted, such as live, work, and even eat free from possible pain or discomfort. But health is not something that happens all by itself; it is something that needs to be maintained, both in lifestyle choices and regular visits with medical professionals.

Dentistry is one of those areas that can be essential to good health and a productive lifestyle. Unfortunately, it can also sometimes be challenging to promote successfully due to the fears or nervousness that some in the general public have about dental visits. This is why consistent, quality marketing can help, and Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can help people in the dental care industries to reach out to their patients, clients, and customers.

Who Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Is
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a proud, committed  American business owned and operated by a disabled veteran. The sacrifice to the country to make a safer nation was followed up by the decision to boost the country’s economy by helping out its businesses. And so, with a staff that now has the combined experience of over 50 years in marketing and promotion, the company started operations in its home, Las Vegas, Nevada.

When it first began operations, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide built up its business in physical direct mail. It compiled lists of potential customers and offered these to clients that wanted a more direct way to reach out to individual customers, rather than a poster in a subway station, or a radio ad, where it was a gamble that the message would be received by the intended audience. That business succeeded and steadily grew, expanding to every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as entering other countries, like Mexico and even France in Europe. Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide still serves clients through analog solutions like direct mail lists but has also expanded into the digital world with email and other electronic media.

Finding The Right Patients
Dental health, unlike some industries, such as fashion, or food & beverage, doesn’t have built-in appeal to customers. It’s not a recreational industry that people take to because they enjoy it. As a result, because it is a health-related area, education, and aggressively reaching out to the market are often required to get results. People may acknowledge that they should visit a dentist for their own good, or that of their family members, but it usually takes some prodding for them to do so.

Direct mail is one way to reach out to potential patients and get them to consider booking an appointment. Of course, when it comes to dental health, different people will have different priorities. Some prospective patients may be more concerned with the crucial early years of a child’s dental health, heading off possible future issues by looking into the implementation of braces and other aids. Some people may have special dental requirements that come from using dentures. In contrast, others may need highly focused treatment and maintenance that comes from having dental implants.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has, over the decades, compiled different lists according to demographics. This isn’t limited to the general demographics that people expect, such as age, gender, or even whether someone is a homeowner or not. We have lists for the dental industry that drill down to the particular demographics dental practitioners and dental-adjacent industries may be looking for, including:

  • General Practice
  • Oral Surgeon
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral Pathology
  • Dental Public Health
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology

Reaching Out To Professionals
It’s important to reach out to the public to bring in business. Still, just as importantly, sometimes, it can be crucial to contact the companies within the industry itself. Dental health, as with any other industry, relies on its own highly specialized range of product and service vendors to provide the means by which these businesses operate. Moreover, because dental practice often involves people going into business for themselves, they have many additional concerns and needs above and beyond securing new patients.

This is why Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide has also compiled lists relevant to people within the dental industry itself. A dental practice, for example, will need to regularly supply itself with the equipment and materials required for different procedures. Labs where dental implants and dentures are fabricated also need access to various vendors and suppliers. Even dental students that are on the verge of graduating, or the dental schools themselves have decisions to make in terms of operation, revenue, and partners they work with.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide lets people within the dental industry reach out to others within the industry itself. B2B services are essential, and because these opportunities are less numerous than the general public, finding the right contact is important. With the right list from Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide, businesses, charities, and other organizations can reach out to different areas of the dental industry, including:

  • Private Practice Dentists
  • Dental Employed by Government Agency
  • Dental Educators/Professors
  • Dental Students
  • Part-Time Faculty/Part-Time Resident
  • Dental Schools
  • Dentists In Graduating Year

A Multitude Of Channels
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide allows clients not just to find the right contacts and lists in the demographics of interest, but also a variety of different platforms to reach out to these demographics. While the traditional post is still an effective means of communication, it is the only one, and not necessarily the fastest.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can offer lists with a variety of different contact methods, such as email, text/SMS messaging, and even artificial intelligence analysis for more discerning details from data and defining metrics. Even if you don’t know how to conduct a direct mail campaign, we can help with a turnkey solution that takes you from concept to execution in one place.

If you want to reach out to dental patients or the dental industry, we can help. Come to Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide, and we can provide the dental mailing lists you need to reach your market and get better results.