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Get into HIGH POWERED mailing lists, occupants lists, and much much more. There are over 330,000,000 Americans in the USA today.

The majority of them have some kind of buying power that allows them to engage in various products and services offered locally, at the regional and even national and global levels. With the changes in the way that people both find out about products and services and secure those things, there is a lot more buying power to go around in the USA, especially when the economy is booming and consumer confidence is high.
However, just because there are a lot of people scattered around the country with purchasing power, that in no way guarantees that businesses will succeed in selling to them. For a company to make a sale, a customer must need a specific product or service and must be aware that a business is present and ready to offer what’s required. In other words, you can make a sale if people don’t know you’re there, to begin with.

This is where occupant or residential mailing lists provided by Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can make a big difference.

The Story Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is the creation of a disabled veteran who served his country with honor, then decided to serve that country’s business community. His ambitions began in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, helping businesses there to reach out to their customers and increase their sales through marketing. Today, this company has experienced staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide began operations in the period before the widespread adoption of digital marketing techniques. Its primary focus was and still is, even today direct mail, which is printed, physical advertising sent via post to physical residential and commercial addresses. It was from this beginning that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide learned about the importance of not just gathering data, but finding useful ways to organize it. Those lessons resulted in steady growth for the company. It now serves the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. It has coverage of the whole North American continent with service for Mexico and Canada as well. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing now makes it possible to reach out to the European market, with access to countries like France, across the Atlantic. The range of services has also expanded to include direct mail, turn-key direct mail services, and digital marketing. But it is direct mail, with occupant mailing lists that have a considerable amount of potential.

We’ve Done The Work
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is one of the most faithful and biggest customers of the United States Postal Service, or USPS, and has cultivated a close partnership over years of operation. As a result, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is one of the few companies to own and compiles its own residential mailing lists, rather than purchase them from other contractors.

With Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, clients get access to over 180,000,000 general consumer addresses. Moreover, that volume of addresses is complemented by greater cost efficiency. We’ve already compiled the addresses by region, zip codes, and even walk sequence for physical delivery. That means lower pricing on postage and is a saving that we pass directly onto our clients. These low postage rates are available to all clients that choose to use our saturation mailing lists.

It’s About More Than Just Addresses
At Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, we know that having access to a lot of addresses is the foundation of a good direct mail campaign. But what makes that campaign success is not the numbers; it is the specificity within those numbers. If, for example, a client has a product or service aimed primarily at seniors and other retirement-age demographics, then having access to millions of recent college graduates is going to have a low impact, no matter how many addresses there are. This simply isn’t the right market.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing doesn’t just store large amounts of data; the information is processed, analyzed, and even subjected to artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms to extract more useful consumer information when possible. This means if you have a product aimed at children or a service that is more appealing to the African American demographic, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can narrow down the broad demographic categories and provide more specific addresses with consumers that meet your product or service criteria and will require what you offer.

The demographic data compiled can, of course, be combined with the all-important geographic information tied into addresses. In addition to having comprehensive listings for all urban, suburban, and rural areas in the United States, a specific characteristic can be applied to geo-locations. If you’re only interested in homeowners within a particular city or even a specific zip code, that information can be provided. The same is valid with renters or age demographics. This can be scaled up to a national level or scoped down to individual neighborhoods, all depending on your needs.

We Can Help
If you’re thinking of trying a direct mail campaign but are unsure as to the best approach, we can help here too. On a surface level, we have the tools and capacity for guidance to educate our clients on the versatility of different lists, which ones work best for their needs, and which ones will have the highest propensity to buy through our analytics.

However, beyond that, we can also assist in every step of the direct mail process with our turn-key direct mail campaign solution. A typical direct mail campaign typically involves talking to advertising or marketing professionals about direct mail concepts, working with graphic designers to conceptualize the marketing, talking to print partners about printing, and finally, distribution experts for the logistics of delivery. We can handle that all under one roof, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

If you’re interested in immediate counts in your market area, order Sprint Data Solutions Occupant online. Contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing at 1-800-962-1802 to place an order or ask questions. We’re here to put our direct marketing expertise into your business and deliver you more customers!